The search for stemnauts. Unraveling the riddles of space at the speed of fun.

Do you have the right stuff?

NASA has partnered with Texas Instruments to create a fun new contest to highlight the STEM and coding skills used to explore space every day. If you have what it takes to win some out-of-this-world prizes, put together a crew of up to five middle grades or high school students and an adult sponsor. Then step up to the challenge:
Decipher puzzles and brainteasers using the coding and STEM* problem-solving strategies NASA uses to make human life in space possible.
By the way, your sponsor cannot help with the challenge. That’s your crew’s mission. Got it? Let’s go. Start the mission

Greetings, Earthlings.

International Space Station Flight Engineer Peggy Whitson and Commander Shane Kimbrough invite you to step up to The Search for STEMnauts contest.
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How it works

As your team blazes through a cosmos of conundrums, we’ll post a mission patch on your activity page, award points for each correct answer, and list your running total on the Mission Status Board. When The Search for STEMnauts contest ends, the team with the most points will win: TI-84 Plus CE contest giveaway prizes
  • » A new Galaxy Gray TI-84 Plus CE graphing calculator for each team member
  • » A $500 Amazon gift card for your team
  • » Passes to choice of NASA visitor center
  • » An assortment of fun STEM and space-related objects, including:
    • » ISS Drawstring Backpack
    • » Squishy Astronaut
    • » NASA Pins/Decals
    • » Foam Rockets
  • » A video chat with a NASA subject matter expert
We’ll also pick five teams at random during the contest and award Galaxy Gray TI-84 Plus CE graphing calculators to each member.

You can enter the contest any time before it ends on May 31, 2017.

Read the full contest rules Start the mission

Mission Status Board

  1. 1. Sylvania Northview High S - 221
  2. 2. Skunkworks - 176
  3. 2. Gladiator Crush - 176
  4. 2. The Neutrinos - 176
  5. 2. winnelu blue - 176
  6. 6. Sea And Sun - 173
  7. 6. Bethany High School - 173
  8. 8. Spartans - 168
  9. 8. Nova Scouters - 168
  10. 8. AstroStellar - 168
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